Wednesday, May 24, 2017

CFES Field Day Descriptions

So many games to choose from!

game descriptions

Teams line up in 2 lines. First person in each line gets 2 hula hoops. At the starting line, the first hoop must be tossed in front of the person at a distance close enough to them so they can jump or leap into it. They do this holding the 2nd hoop. Then the 2nd hoop must be placed, (tossed) at a distance close enough so s/he can not only jump/leap into it, but also reach back to get hoop number 1 (with feet still in hoop #2) and toss IT in front to be jumped or leapt into. Turn around, go back same way, next in line goes. K 1 2
HOOP SQUEEZE : Each teams stands in a circle holding hands. A hoop is placed between two people’s hands and hands are rejoined. On “go”, both teams try to get the hoop all the way around the circle back to the starting point without anyone letting go of anyone else’s hand. K - 5

Teams stand in two single file lines. The first person in each line gets a paper cup. On “go” that person scoops as much water from the water can as possible, (be careful with the cup!!! it does not get replaced), runs to the other end of the playing area and dumps the water in their team’s bucket. They then run back with the empty cup and hand it to the next person, who does the same thing. Timed event. Variation: Each team lines up and the first person in line fills his/her cup with water. That person pours the water into the cup of the next person in line. This continues until the last person gets the water, they pour what’s left into a container for measurement at the end of a given time limit. It might be fun to poke a small hole into one or two of the cups for both teams... ? K 1 2

The object of the game is to carry the earth ball from the starting line to the turn around point and back without dropping it. (K,1,2 kids might want to just have races rolling two balls) All team members must be touching the ball as it goes down the field. No one may hold the “laces” of the ball. If the ball is dropped, it must be picked up and team continues on from that point. Do not allow kids to jump on topoftheball. K -5

One team forms two parallel lines holding squirt bottles with space enough between them for a person to run through. The other team lines up and runs the gauntlet, from one end to the other, while being squirted from both sides. There is no point to this game other than getting a little wet! Give both teams a chance to be squirters. 3 4 5

ou may play any variations on the game including throwing and catching the ball back and forth over the net (newcomb). No need to keep score. Just have fun. NO HANGING/PULLING ON THE NET! 3 4 5

The usual relay. Up and back is easier on the person running the game because then you don’t have to think about how to divide the teams. Keep the distance short. K - 5

These rules must be strictly enforced. No one may wrap the rope around any part of the body. No one is allowed inside the loop at the end of the rope; people stand around the loop and hold on. A whistle means STOP no matter what you think. It is the teacher’s call as much for safety as to signal the end of the game. If you break the rules, you’re out of the game. 3 4 5

4 people hold the Fling-It. One person from the same team goes out into the “field”. The “flingers” try to fling the animal to the fielder who will catch the animal for a point for that team. 2 teams may go at once. After three flings, switch.

Partners stand close together facing each other. ON THE SIGNAL, the balloon is tossed from one partner to the next. If the balloon does not break, you are still in the game. Toss back to original person before taking a step away. Both partners take one step back, wait for signal and toss again. (can’t use due to latex intolerance)

How quickly can your team bounce the ‘popcorn’ off the parachute?! Can the next team do it quicker?! K 1 2

How high can your team pop a ball off the parachute? Can the next team do it higher?! Teamwork! K 1 2
(‘Popcorn’ and ‘heights’ are usually run together at the same station)

One team stands in a circle around the recycling can. On the word “go”, that team tries to throw as many tennis balls into the can as possible before time runs out. No one may throw from inside the circle. The person in charge may designate one or two people as helpers inside the circle to get balls stuck inside to the players on the outside. After a time limit (2 min.?) count the balls in the can. Next team’s turn! K - 5

RELAY # 1 
Two teams form two parallel lines. The first person in each line runs to the cone with the tennis ball on top. That person’s job is to place the tennis ball under the cone. After the next person in line is tagged, his/her job is to run down and put the tennis ball back on top of the cone.

Another game you might want to play at this station is Construction and Demolition Workers. Set cones up in a playing area. One group is Construction, their job is to set the cones up. The other group is Demolition, knock down. After a time limit, see who has done a “better” job. Switch roles. K 1 2

RELAY # 2 
Obstacle course. Through the mat tunnel, jump the hurdles,
ring toss, touch cone, run straight back. .

Relay game. Dunk the sponges in the bucket. Run to the other end of the playing area and squeeze the contents of the sponge into the cup sitting atop a team member’s head. Run back and hand the sponge off to the next person on your team who will do the same. Give as many people as possible a chance to sit in the “wet” chair. K - 5

Most kids know how to play this, so they will help. Teams start on either side of the blacktop. You are safe on your own side. If you cross the mid line and get tagged, you must go to that team’s jail. To get out of jail a free player on your own team must run, untagged into the jail. Anyone in jail is free but the person freeing the inmates must stay there. Anyone freed MUST then WALK back his/her own side of the playing area with their hand raised high in the air to signify that they are free. If you make it over the mid line and into a safety circle (chalk line surrounding each cone) you are safe until you leave the circle. If you leave the circle with a ring, you may run it back to your own side, hand it to the game runner and score a point for your team. If you are tagged on the other team’s side with the ring, you must go to jail AFTER returning the ring to the cone from which it came. You may throw the ring from the other side and score a point that way as long as the ring is caught by a member of your own team before it lands on the ground. Running out of bounds puts you in jail. 3 4 5

Both teams line up in parallel lines, 2-by-2. Each partner pair has a tube to be held between them. A ball is placed in the center of the tube. The tube with the ball in it must be carried to the turn around point and back without it falling out. No hands, heads etc. blocking the end of the tube!

One person throws the “object” into the pitch back. The rest of his/her team catches the object after it bounces off. The further away, the more points scored. Let each person take a turn at throwing. For K,1,2 kids have only 2 or 3 catchers per thrower. K 1 2

Set pins up bowling style. Use the frisbee at a set distance to knock the pins down. Two throws per person. Vary the distance for age level.
BREAK!! Supervise kids on a break. Get a drink. Sit in the shade. Play a quiet game. Singasong. Takeiteasy! K-5

Relay. First person in each line runs down, wets a towel in the bucket, runs back to his/her line and passes the towel over the head to the next person in line to who will pass the towel under his/her legs to the next person. This continues until the last person in line gets the towel. This person runs from the end of the line to the bucket, wets the towel, runs to the front and relay starts over.

Similar to BALL IN TUBE but the tube is open-ended and the ball must be passed from one carrier to the next without touching it.

2 or 3 players are chosen to be the taggers (exterminators). They are after the rest of the players, the bugs. If a bug is tagged by an exterminator s/he assumes the dying bug position: on back with arms and legs sticking straight into the air. To be freed from this position, 2 other un-tagged bugs must stand over the exterminated bug and ‘high 5’ each other. The bug on his/her back returns to the game. Switch exterminators several times during the game. K 1 2

Each team wears a different colored set of belts and flags. 2 flags per person. On go, both teams must remain inside the rectangle while simultaneously trying to pull a flag from an opponent and protect his/her own. When a player has both flags removed, s/he is out of the game. A player may not take both flags from the same opponent. No contact. No time-outs. Step out of bounds = lose a flag. The team with any players at the end of the time limit (2- 3 min per game) wins. 3 4 5

Cage Ball:
1. Position each team on the outside line of the circle. (On their own side 2. On your signal, students will move
Crab style only, in an attempt to move the ball across the boundary line on the opposing teams side of the circle.
3. After each point, reset the ball to the center of the circle and the students to their outside boundary line.
4. Play the best of 3..... or maybe 5? Time will tell.

Helpful Hints
  1. Students must move in a crab walk only. However, I can see where they may strike the ball while seated. If this is not a problem, let it go.
  2. Students may only kick with one foot at a time.
  3. Students are allowed to use their hands.
  4. Stress safety, especially students who are kicking and hitting without regard to the safety of other players.

Steal the Bacon in the Round:
Each team lines themselves up on one of the curved lines on either side of the circle. The “bacon” gets put in the middle of the circle. On ‘go’, the first 2 people from each team run into the circle and try to either 1) grab the bacon and run out of the circle (at any point on the circle) without being tagged or 2) tag the player whole stole the bacon. If the player with the bacon makes it out, s/he scores one point for the team. If the player with the bacon is tagged, the tagging team scores one point. If after 20 – 30 sec no one picks up the bacon, send in the next 2 players to join the first 2. When 2 team members are working together they may pass the bacon between themselves.

Wacky 2 Base Ball:
2 bases in the game; home and first. There are no out of bounds. The batting team provides its own pitcher. Each player is allowed only one swing. Once the ball is hit, the batter runs to first base. S/he does not have to run home until it is safe. Outs are made in the following ways:

  1. A missed swing, (a strike is an out).
  2. A fly ball is caught.
  3. A force out at first.
  4. Being tagged with the ball between bases.

Any # of players may occupy first base at one time.
After 3 outs, the fielding team runs up to bat (with their own pitcher) and begins hitting; they don’t have to wait for the new fielders to take positions.

Nuke Walk:
Fill each team’s container with nuclear waste (water please; and only partially full). Set the container on the center of the transport platform with the ropes sticking out to the sides. Each team must cooperate to lift and carry the waste down and around the cone without spilling it and only using the ropes for support. 3 4 5

Through the Legs Shuffle:
Have the teams line up single file with their legs spread far enough apart so someone can crawl through them. Everyone must have his hands on the hips of the person in front of them. The line must be behind the starting line. At the signal, the last person crawls through the legs of the team and 
stands up at the front of the line. As soon as s/he stands up, the last person crawls to the front, and so on. The first team to cross the goal line wins.

This game is best played individually, not as a team. You can declare the winning team the team with any player standing at the end of the game. Three objects representing a rock, a pair of scissors and a piece of paper are distributed by the game runner evenly among the players. A clenched fist represents a rock, a ‘peace sign’ is scissors and a flat hand is paper. Players with a rock should only chase scissors, scissors should only chase paper and paper should only chase rocks. If a player gets tagged by the appropriate chaser, that person sits/kneels down on the spot and holds their object over their head. Now other players may run by the seated players and exchange objects with them.
You can play the “endless” version where if a player exchanges an object with a seated person, the seated person may get back into the game. K – 5

Frisbee Bowling:
*One team goes at a time and parent times how fast the team takes to knock down all of the bowling pins. Once all down, parents stops timer and team resets all the pins. Teams switch and parent times the next team to see how fast they can knock down the pins.

*Students find a poly spot to stand on and pick up a frisbee. One frisbee per student. Students will throw their Frisbee from the poly spot towards a bowling pin. Whether they knock it down or not, students must wait for parent to give the go ahead to run down and pick up the Frisbee. Students will continue throwing from different poly spots until all pins are knocked down.

Fling-it Relay:
Each team will be divided into two groups using two fling-it nets per team. The students are to launch the ball back and forth to their team’s two nets making their way to the designated cone. If the ball hits the ground it must be launched again. Students cannot use their hands to make the ball fall into the net. First team to make it to the cone wins.