Wednesday, June 15, 2016

School Supply List

The CFES PTO has contracted with the School Tool Box Company to provide your child's school supplies for next school year if you are interested. This is a great service to utilize as it saves time and is very convenient. No waiting in line or shopping around for what school supplies are needed. The teachers in each grade have determined their school supply lists for next year. The supply list is then forwarded to the School Tool Box Company. 

If you place an order now, your child's school supplies will be prepackaged and shipped directly to your home.

Supply List

Supply Order Form

Monday, May 23, 2016

5th to 6th Summer Reading Information

Summer Reading List for Graduating 5th Graders


“Students’ relationship with reading during the summer is a pretty good window into what the relationship will be once they leave our classrooms for good. We have an opportunity with summer reading to open that window to individual passions and interests and at the same time prevent the loss of achievement that months without practice bring.” 
~Penny Kittle, Book Love

With that thought in mind, we have established the parameters of our summer reading program. Each grade level has a list of authors to guide students in their choice of summer reading. Students will be expected to read Three books over the summer. 

All incoming 6th grade students are expected to read The Wednesday Wars
by Gary D. Schmidt for their third book.

The remaining Two books are to be selected from either:

(1) Grade Level Author lists - click here 

(2) “Books That Speak to the Middle School Experience” list - click here
 - or -

 (3) The 2016-17 Chester County Middle School Reading Olympics Book List. - click here

In the past, parents have expressed that a “shared read” offers many valuable discussion starters between a child and parent. Please consider reading the Gary D. Schmidt book with your child. Schmidt’s books offer thought provoking topics that will stimulate conversation.

Parents will be responsible for signing off on their child’s summer reading (click here). These lists and the sign-off form can be found on the “Downloads” page of the C.F. Patton 

Middle School website:

The Charles F. Patton Middle School Library website:

For information on any given author or title consult

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Along the Way - Building Resilience and Grit

Along the Way - Building Resilience and Grit
By CFE School Counselor, Ms. Yackel